Explore The Grand Woolworth Building’s magnificent lobby designed by the renowned architect Cass Gilbert. The grand entrance to what was the tallest building in the world for 17 years, and dubbed “the Cathedral of Commerce” is a landmarked interior space unrivaled by any other on the North American continent for its scale, craftsmanship, beauty and sense of humor.

30-Minute Tour - $20
This basic tour includes access to the not-open-to-the-public lobby, provides key information and time for photographs and questions.

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60 Min

60-Minute Tour - $30
Our most popular tour provides more information about the building's amazing architecture including a look at the lower level.

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90 Min

90-Minute Tour - $45
Our most comprehensive tour provides the most information, access to the lower level, and a rare visit to the gorgeous mezzanine.

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Private Group and Custom Tours
Bring your group, your family or your friends for a private tour booked at your convenience.

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“One of the best tours to experience in New York. A very professional guide with plenty of information, both trivia, documentary and architectural. A warmly recommended travel in space and time, so much in and still so far away from the loud Manhattan and its Ground Zero.” – Sandra, Munich, Germany

“The Woolworth Building architectural tour was simply wonderful and worth every cent and every minute of the hour-and-a-half visit you (gave) us all. Who knew there was such a wealth of information in just 3 floors and the exterior of a 101-year-old building?!?” - Joel K.