Woolworth Building Lobby Tours

Learn how the biggest retail tycoon of the early twentieth century and a star architect changed the NYC skyline forever. Designed by the renowned architect Cass Gilbert in 1913 to be Frank W. Woolworth’s NYC headquarters, the Woolworth Building was the tallest in the world for 17 years.
Long closed to the public, architectural tours of its magnificent vintage lobby are now available.
Hubs and I did the 90 minute tour of this amazing building. Our tour guide was a wonderful fountain of information.  He made our tour a great experience.  It was fascinating. If you’re a history buff, and you want to know more, I suggest the 90 minute tour.  I really enjoyed it. Debi

We went for the 90 minute tour and loved every minute. The guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, really bringing the building and it’s stories to life. With access throughout the lobby, we saw lots and learned even more about this iconic skyscraper. Worth every penny. Calum

This beautiful building must be seen by anyone with a vague interest in architecture. The mosaic walls, ecclesiastical ceilings and interesting gargoyles makes this a feast for the eyes. The tour brings the building and Woolworth’s vision to life and is truly a gem. I fully recommend it. Helena

The history of this building and Woolworth in general was interesting, but it was the guide who made it all come to life. In just one short hour, he shared great detail about the building and the history of Frank Woolworth himself. It was a good way to learn a little about New York City history. L. C. I.